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  1. Tourette's syndrome is a condition that causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements called tics.. It usually starts during childhood, but the tics and other symptoms usually improve after several years and sometimes go away completely.
  2. Aug 30,  · Subscribe for more! Twitter - incanipebookfolk.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo incanipebookfolk.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo - incanipebookfolk.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo Facebook - incanipebookfolk.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo Ins.
  3. Turrets are antagonists from the Portal franchise. They are robotic gunners that attempt to kill the player. There are several types of Turrets, each with different abilities and personalities. Sentry Turrets are voiced by Ellen McLain, while Defective Turrets are voiced by Nolan incanipebookfolk.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo: None.
  4. Turret definition is - a little tower; specifically: an ornamental structure at an angle of a larger structure.
  5. turret definition: 1. a small, circular tower that is part of a castle or a large building 2. a part of a military. Learn more.
  6. Mar 17,  · What is Tourette syndrome? Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics.

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